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Michiel Folkers (or Gieler, 1982) is a contemporary artist from Amsterdam. His work includes a blend of urban influences, street art roots, and a continual exploration of various styles and techniques. His transition from illegal graffiti on city walls in the late 90’s to canvases today, showcases a evolution where the street elements have never been lost. The incorporation of used materials, like pulled streetposters, and spray paint in his mixed media pieces reflects a commitment to preserving the raw and accessible essence of street art.

Michiel his penchant for recreating the chaotic yet ordered aesthetic of old walls on canvas is a distinctive feature of his work. This is achieved through layering, the use of vibrant colors, and a careful curation of street-derived materials.

Michiel’s willingness to embrace new styles and techniques speaks to his belief in art as a perpetual journey of discovery. The inspiration drawn from expressionistic abstracts works of the 1950s in the USA is evident in his abstract pieces, where the joy of achieving balance triumphs over the challenges faced during the creative process.The artist’s foray into a unique series involving teddy bears dipped in ink showcases his innovative approach. By repurposing old and discarded teddy bears, he not only creates visually striking art but also gives these objects a new lease on life.

Since a couple of years Michiel his art is not just confined to galleries; occasionally, he surprises people by giving away pieces on the streets, blurring the line between traditional art consumption and unexpected discoveries.

Michiel’s awareness of the importance of context and storytelling in art is reflected in his desire to avoid excessive explanation. He values the observer’s visceral reaction and opinion, whether positive or negative.

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