Which artworks are available?

Most of Michiel his artworks are on this website. You can see all his available work overhere. For exact prices you can contact his studio overhere.

Quality of the artworks

All the artworks are made on high quality professional canvas.
The mixed media artworks are all finished with glossy, UV protecting blanc laquer.
Besides this makes the artworks shiny, the laquer keeps all the parts strong and tight together.

Do we transport worldwide?

All the artworks can be transported worldwide by professional transportation.
Stretched canvas above the 100x100cm will be transported in a highly secure wooden crate. Canvas under 100x100cm will be transported in secure cardboard boxes.
Prints are wel be sent in tubes.

What are the costs of transport?

Average price for transporting art worldwide (artwork 100x100cm) is around €150. Prices of prints and screenprints are inclusive transportation.

Custom and duty fees are applied to shipments at the discretion of each receiving country. These charges are beyond our control and are the responsibility of the consignee.

How long does it takes before the artwork arrives?

All orders are shipped 48 hours after the purchase.

Average time before the artwork arrives is 2 days, depending of country and customs.
After an order you’ll receive a track and trace to follow the artwork.

Sales are final. There are no offer reimbursements or exchanges.

What if there is any damage after transport?

Orders will always be transported  in secure packages, most time by DHL.
From the moment the parcel has left the studio, the transport company is responsible for shipping.
When an artwork arrives in a bad shape or disappears, in most cases the artwork is assured.

What are the prices of the artworks?

The prices of the original artworks are on request.
By contacting overhere you can request a price for a certain artwork.
The prices of prints and screenprints are fixed, you can find those in the print store.
The prices of prints are including transport.

Help, the artwork I prefer is SOLD

On this website you find most of Michiels art.
Some artworks are labeled as ‘sold’.
In some series there are more (unique) artworks of these available.
And in some series there are also limited signed prints available of the sold artworks.
In both cases you can contact Michiel about this.

What is a limited print?

On this website you can buy directly prints of artworks. These are high quality prints of the original artwork on 300 grams museumpaper. Most series are limited to an edition of 25.  Those are signed and numbered in front of the piece.

After your order the print will be send after 3 or 4 working days in a tube (worldwide).

Does Michiel make commissioned artworks?

If the subject feels right Michiel does work on commissioned base. You can contact Michiel about this overhere.