Youtube updates from @Michielfolkers

Oct 2019 // FREEART #2
Once in a while I am offering a piece of art for free. In exchange for remarkable reactions.

Aug 2019 // FREEART #1
Yesterday I gave away an artwork for free. Not sure if it is good for the value of my art to lay it down flat on the sidewalk, but the response was valuable.

Nov 2018 // Neon on acrylic board 
Neon Artwork 92x112cm.
Neon on Acrylic board. Light is programmed to make it flash every 30seconds

Nov 2018 // Solo exhibit Amsterdam
Solo exhibition in December 2018 by Michiel Folkers in Amsterdam.
18 new contemporary artpieces in the Artchapel.

Jul 2019 // Bearpress
This serie is called ‘Copperteddy’. A teddybear is pushed in ink and pressed on paper.

Sep 2017 // Making a Brigitte Bardot artwork
This original piece of art is partly made up of streetposters, collected from the walls of Amsterdam.

2016 // Brigitte
Artist-at-work alert

Sep 2016 // Proces
Making a background for a new piece on 145x145cm